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About us

Our Story...

Rewind to November 2015 two New Mummy's go to a Baby Sensory class and exchange a few words while unwrapping our 2 little packages all wrapped up warm. Over the weeks Friday mornings became something to look forward to, we (Binita & Nishma) and our 2 little people (Luca & Liyanna) became very good friends. While on maternity leave, the passion and desire to embark on a new adventure of starting a business came about and we began brainstorming ideas.
One of the sessions was about the name of our business. People probably hear or see the name and think what is that? What does it mean? LuLi Crafts came about simply by using the 2 names that brought us together 'Luca and Liyanna'. As without these 2 special children we would never have met.
The two have grown up as besties and our families have been extended, it has been a beautiful relationship to watch grow.
Luca used to be known as Puca when Liyanna couldn't say his name. Liyanna on the other hand has always been (and we think always will be) his Lanna. Over the years there has been lots of fun, tears, cheekiness, love and overall pure happiness.
Fast forward a couple of years and 2018 two new additions joined the clan, Araiyah and Shiv. Exactly 2 months apart in age and their relationship is somewhat different to their siblings, but watch this space as these two definitely have something up their sleeves!
When we both went back to work after maternity leave the second time round life got busy and juggling became a lot more tricky with 4 children in tow. However, the last few months have made us realise that we want to expand and take LuLi Crafts to the next level.
All of this would not be possible without all of you - our followers, customers, family and friends. So we want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for believing in us, ordering from us and spreading our name to your family and friends.
Love and Light
Binita & Nishma
and Lu & Li